~For The Rest Of My Life~ By Maher Zain

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"For The Rest Of my Life

I praise Allah for sending me you my love
You found your home and sail with me
And I`m here with you
Now let me let you know
You`ve opened my heart
I was always thinking that love was wrong
But everything was changed when you came along
And there is a couple words I want to say
For the rest of my life
I`ll be with you
I`ll stay by your side honest and true
Till the end of my time
I`ll be loving you...loving you
For the rest of my life
Thru days and night
I`ll thank Allah for open my eyes
Now and forever I…I`ll be there for you

I know it deep in my heart
I feel so blessed when I think of you
And I ask Allah to bless all we do
You`re my wife and my friend and my strength
And I pray we`re together in Jannah
Now I find myself so strong
Everything changed when you came along
And theres a couple word I want to say

*Repeat Chorus
I know that deep in my heart now that you`re here
Infront of me I strongly feel love
And I have no doubt
And I`m singing loud that I`ll love you eternally

Repeat Chorus
I know that deep in my heart.."


  1. MOHD ASHRAF said...:

    like this...haha..ak karaoke kt umah kot lg ni..hahah

  1. zahin kasturi said...:

    acap...sape yg kenalkan kat ko lagu2 naher zain?

  1. MOHD ASHRAF said...:

    kooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..thanks lot!!!

  1. maziah said...:

    nmpknye sume addcit dgn lagu ni